Consecrated to serve his Holy Goddess, Lady Annabelle!





If you would like to experience a session with me, my availability is from Monday to Friday
from 12pm onwards. I do require at least one to two weeks notice. Please ensure you write to me
with your session desires, and what you would like to experience. The more information you
provide, the better prepared I will be. Please send your email to me at the following:

Sadly, I do not take sessions over the weekends or late evenings!

If you would like to find out more about the type of sessions I offer, please take a look at:

Meet Dominatrix Annabelle

As you scroll down the page you will see various links to my expertise, role play scenarios,
my fetish wardrobe, details of how you can visit my dungeon in London, my availablity etc.,

When booking, I will require a deposit, this will secure your session with me! Once I'm in
receipt of the deposit, I will confirm in writing. I will then write to you again the night before with
final confirmation. Please note, should you cancel, the deposit is non refundable!



If you would like to offer your ideas for a role play scenario to be filmed,
I will be delighted to hear from you, please write to me at the above email address!









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