Consecrated to serve his Holy Goddess, Lady Annabelle!



Hidden and locked away in Lady Annabelle's secret Priest Hole are all the wonderful
implements that are used in her beautifully created movies! Some of her toys are particularly
imaginative, and surprisingly effective, enough to make your eyes water!

The movies are set within Lady Annabelle's Great Oak's Manor and some footage
has been taken discreetly at an old dis-used church with it's stunning grounds!

The scenary is quite breath-taking, set close to a beautiful lake, surrounded by trees and fields!

The footage taken away from Lady Annabelle's Manor will be coming to
in the next few weeks - so keep watching for those perverted updates!



Naturally, Lady Annabelle will always endeavour to keep adding more kinky and sadistic toys,
and robust furniture to keep the filthy Randy Vicar in line! The Truth is far kinkier than Fiction!






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